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Vastu Is A Science

Vastu considered the interplay of various forces of nature involving the five elements of earth, water, wind, fire and ether and strives to maintain equilibrium as these elements influence, guide and change the living styles of not only human beings but every living being on earth. Thus they influence our deeds, luck, behavior and other basics of life.

As we all know that Sun is the most important celestial body which radiates light and heat and is the reason for existence of life on earth; that’s why Sun is known as the “Soul of Universe”. The principles of vastu shastra allow humans to use limitless energy of Sun in best possible way.

The earth, which is our planetary home, is like a mother and is a treasure-house for all comforts and happiness which a human cannot find anywhere else.

Vastushastra is an ancient building science which covers the philosophy and theory of Architectural works to construct any building and as well as living style of people. Vastushastra is based on various natural energies, which are available free cost in atmosphere like:


  • Solar Energy from Lunar Energy from Moon
  • Earth Energy
  • Sky Energy
  • Electric Energy
  • Magnetic Energy
  • Thermal Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Light Energy
  • Cosmic Energy


Utilization of such energies gives us pleasure peace, prosperity and money etc in our life

Vastu can be used for every room, every house, every temple, every shop industry, town planning, tour, cities and even for earth. Vastu can be used for micro as well as for macro level. It is a great combination of science, art, astronomy & astrology which includes design of House, temples, cities, gardens, roads, water works &  shops etc.

Vastu And History

Vastu shastra means “Science of architecture”. It is an ancient Mystic science developed by Hindu sages for designing and building.

Indian vastu shastras is derived from the following ‘Puranas’ –

  1. Skanda – Puran             –        Town Planning
  2. Agni – Puran                 –        Resident Building Planning
  3. Vayu – Puran                –         Temples at high level
  4. Garud – Puran              –         Resident Buildings, Temples
  5. Matsya – Puran             –         Carvings, columns, beams
  6. Narad – Puran               –         Wells, water reservoirs, lakes, temples
  7. Mansar – Puran            –          towns, forts, palaces, dams, sculptures
  8. Vishwakarmaprakash  –          Statues, residences, palaces
  9. Bruhansanhita              –           Surveying, plantations, spacious houses

There are more than 50 books with details of vastu like Sthapatya veda, Vastu chakra, Vastu tattva, Vastu purusha lakshana, Vastu vidya, Brhat samhita, Purana, Mantra dipika, Sanatkumara vastu sastra.

The epics Ramayana and Mahabharata contain description of cities with multi-storeyed buildings with spacious balconies and porticoes. It is said that the site plan of Ayodhya city was similar to the plan found in the great architectural text Manasara.

Vastu Worldwide

Indian Vastu Shastra is applicable not only in India but also in all the other parts of the world, as against the other foreign vastu shastras, which are suitable only for certain regions because of the geographical conditions. Let’s see some unbelievable examples based on it. There are various countries which are prosperous and advanced whereas others are poor and backward which happens because of its directions.


Advanced & Backward

  • Japan-Japan, existence of deep water in North and the East is considered most auspicious according to vastu The eastern side of Japan is widely spread and open. Thus Japan gets full benefit of the rays of the sun. This is why Japan is rich and prosperous. There is sea in Southeast and south of Japan, which is a place for Fire, this is why it suffered the attack of atom bombs explosion and earthquake.
  • Africa-If we take Africa as a continent, we all know the northeastern corner of this continent is interjected. Northwest portion is projected, southeast and south have unlimited water, these all conditions are inauspicious according to vastu, that’s why African countries are backward, uneducated,
  • Egypt-But on the contrary, in the north of this continent, there exists Mediterranean Sea, which is favorable according to vastu. In the eastern part, river Nile flows and that’s why civilization developed in Egypt and now Egypt got name and honour for its world famous
  • India-Why to go far, lets discuss our own INDIA, we know we have the Himalayas in the North and Northeast side of our country which is against vastu, thus there is lot of poverty in our country. There is water in Southwest and southeast side of our nation, thus we have to face the attacks of foreign empires. One thing that makes India famous is that we have our slope towards east, which is a very favorable and auspicious

Studies conducted on cities like New York, London, Singapore, Hong  Kong etc have shown they are  according Vastu principles.

Popularity of monuments/temples/Industrial houses etc

  • Tajmahal & Chandbibi ka makbara- Have you ever thought that why tajmahal is so famous that it has become the 7th wonder of the earth and why exactly similar structure called “chandbibi ka makbara” situated in Aurangabad is not yet known to the people.
  • Tirupati Balaji & Rest temples there- Why is so that the Tirupati balaji is world famous and other temples situated in the same regions are still waiting for the pilgrims to The location and construction of the famous Balaji Temple, the most prosperous in India, are all according to Vastu: Water tank in the Northeast, Kitchen in Southeast, and the Lord in Southwest facing East and so on.
  • Famous Industrial Houses-The most famous prosperous industrial houses have also been studied; The Tata headquarters in Mumbai, Akbarallys the most successful retail store in India, factories of FACOR a highly successful industry in

A.P. and many others have been found to be according to Vastu.

Thus, to achieve the happiness, peace and prosperity, one must follow the principles of vastu.

Vastu and Human body


Human body is divided into three parts –

  1. Sthula sharir (body)
  2. Manomay sharir (mind)
  3. Sukshma sharir (soul)

Sthula sharir is the one that we can see and touch i.e. our Body. Manomay sharir consists of our Thoughts,

Sukshma sharir is our Soul, Pran aatma.

The physical body is not only body which exist, apart from its science has proved that, there are two other bodies which also exist, i.e mental body and astral or cosmic body. World health organization (WHO) also believes the same thing and they define these bodies as bio-energy field. Mental body is supposed to cover 2-3 inches beyond the physical body. The cosmic body is supposed to be 2-3 feet beyond the physical body.


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Basic Principles Of Vaastu Shastra


Though initially created for temples, with time, people started applying Vaastu principles in constructing their homes and after realising its efficient result, began using it in designing offices, hospitals, industries, schools and colleges. Today, this unique yet basic wisdom of directions and elements is being applied in building vehicles, gardens, agricultural farms and surprisingly even in designing business cards.

Importance Of Vaastu Shastra


Vaastu Shastra in contemporary times is not entirely different from the one that was practised in the ancient period. However, it has been modified and its approach has changed, according to the present-day needs. Nevertheless, the central idea of the modern-day Vaastu-compliant architectural construction remains the same, which has descended from the Vedic sutras. The two main components of the updated Vaastu are the shape of structures and directions. Shapes/ configurations can be a rectangular plot, square plot, bar-shaped plot, wheel-shaped plot, among other shape configurations. The directions are Eesanya – North East (water), Vayuvya – North West (Air), Agneya – South East (Fire), and Nyruthi– South West (Earth). In addition to these components, it also includes 12 principles: aspect, prospect, privacy, furniture requirement, roominess, grouping, circulation, sanitation, flexibility, elegance, economy, and other practical considerations, which are used while planning a structure.



We all become stuck in life at times, and no force on this planet seems to be able to aid us. That is when you must start cosmic energy meditation! Being at peace with yourself and living in the current moment allows you to absorb cosmic energy. Cosmic energy meditation has the power to transform your life in a positive way!

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Vaastu Aura has helped me greatly in figuring out solutions to few of my major concerns personally as well as professionally. The equipment and instruments used by Mr. Harsh are really accurate and best thing about his work is his transparency. He is quite knowledgeable in his field hence explains and discusses each and everything in detail. Highly recommended.

Vaibhav Shah - Astrologer

Wonderful guidance by Mr. Harsh. Must have his visit once be it your home or office. Remedies suggested really worked and results are wonders.

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Firstly I didn't believed in vaastu but when it had been done in my house I got started getting benefit from it. It really works | can say. May it is about finance or relationship or health related it works so a great thanks to Mr Harsh Shah for having seen my vaastu of house. You give good solution to each and every thing. Thank you.

Mrs. Sweety - Astrologer

I have 360° change in my life after the selfless help from Vaastuaura team and specially Mr Harsh. He gave minimal changes at my property with no demolition and I have drastic change in my routine life. Health, Professional and Personal life have astounding outcome.

Maulin Sampat - Astrologer

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