Those were the older days when there was limited number of hospitals with limited facilities. These days hospital has taken a shape of industry. Managements are looking after each and every aspect in order to provide best facility to their patient. Patients in return are always ready to pay anything for best treatment. Though Doctors donate believe in subjects like Vastu or Astrology, most of them is now following it these days. They are designing their clinics and hospitals as per Vastu norms. Effect of Vastu can be felt on the basis of results. Those who follow Vastu are growing with fast speed while those who donate follow may face problems and instability. This is the reason why lots of hospitals are closed in short duration.

Dental clinic Vastu

If you have visited a friend or a relative in a hospital, chances are you brought them fresh flowers or a plant.


Adding natural elements like live plants can make the hospital a more relaxing place for patients and their families as well as employees. Indoor plants transform a hospital stay.

  • The Quick recovery time of patients
  • Good Reputation of the hospital
  • Positive as well as a healthy environment
  • Harmony at hospital
  • Timely care
  • Good nursing
  • Good success ratio


These are some proven, benefits of Positive Vastu for Hospital.

For a hospital or clinic following few points should be kept in mind
  • Chamber of the Doctor should be in Southwest portion.
  • He should sit facing North or East.
  • Entry of the Hospital/Clinic should be in North or East but never in South.
  • Operation theatre should be in West zone.
  • Medical equipments may be kept in Southeast or Northwest area.
  • X-Ray/Ultrasound unit should be installed in Southeast area.
  • Patient room should have proper light and air facility.
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