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September 6, 2022

1.   Story one

 According to Hindu mythology, in the beginning Brahma the creator of the Universe, experimented with a new creature. He created a large cosmic man who became extremely huge and with his size, his hunger also increased. He started to eat anything and everything that came his way. In no time he became so big that his shadow had cast a permanent eclipse on earth. the gods Shiva and Vishnu begged Brahma to do something before everything was destroyed by this Creature. Lord Brahma requested the Gods of eight directions (Astha Dikapalakas) to come and help him. They came overpowered the monster and held it flat against the Earth while Brahma jumped on its middle. Then the Monster cried out to Brahma, “You created me like this. So why am I being punished?” Brahma offered him a compromise and made the Monster immortal with the boon that he would be worshiped by any mortal that builds a structure on earth. He was named Vastu Purusha.

2.   Story two

according to Raj Vallabh. Long back in a fight between Mahadevji and Monster named Adhank, a drop of Mahadevji’s sweat fall on earth and it transformed into a huge built human being that made feared the earth and sky.

He was filled with immense strength. All the Gods and Goddesses complained this to Mahadevji, By the command of Mahadevji all the Gods and Goddesses put all their strength and dropped the huge structure face down on to earth and they stayed there. In this way “Vastu Purush” was originated.

Vastu Purusha Mandala:

Vastu Purusha Mandala, is a metaphysical square plan that illustrates how the Vastu Purusha was pinned down by Brahma and 44 Gods – face down, with his head to the North-East and his feet towards the South-West.

The diagram is divided into 9×9 = 81 parts. The positions of the 45 gods who are holding down the Vastu Purusha are shown. These symbolic Gods rule various aspects of life and have certain inherent qualities. For example, there should be no weight on the central portion as it is ruled by Brahma, the supreme one. It is to be kept open in the form of a central courtyard.

Vastu purusha should be buried in South-East Corner of the Vastu because South-East is a direction of loyalty.

Vastu purusha includes following things:

  • Small silver tin
  • Navgraha stone
  • Shalaka (dand of vastu purushaa)
  • Surya pratima (in gold)
  • Vastu pratima (in gold)

Vastu purusha is buried along with the ashes of Vastu shanti Puja in South-East corner of the plot and south-east corner of the building constructed.

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