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Vastu for Corporate Offices

Your offices is about your vision, about your legacy. At a time when more and more employers are looking at ways to promote a healthy & energetic workforce, to maximize productivity and reduce absenteeism and long-term sickness, it is no surprise that Vastu Shastra is becoming the new secret weapon of the corporate world. Vastu Shastra is the practice of analyzing and influencing the interaction between people, premises and the environment in order to enhance the quality of product or services. Building should be designed and oriented as per Vastu for corporate buildingĀ  including all internal arrangements. Such premises are automatically tuned for greater success and long term reputation. Purpose of vastu energy is to support your business by creating healthy and comfortable workstations and developing an efficient flow of interaction between and among employees, customers, vendors, and guests.In addition to company strategies, management skill and human resources, they firmly believed in contribution of vastu.

Vastu Tips for The Best Office Seating Arrangement

A good Vastu abiding office space can bring prosperity and abundance to the work. Sufficient work and constant cash flow can bring to the forefront reliability and dedication in performance from the workforce point of view too. There are defined best directions to sit in the office if you want to adhere to the shastra of Vastu and create maximum impact on the workplace environment.

  • The business owner, entrepreneur must be preferably seated in the north, north-east or east. It is believed that one must not go against nature and so this rule comes to be applicable with working in tandem with nature. The entrepreneur must sit in these directions to combine the rising pattern of the Sun with the rising pattern of his work and cash flows.
  • Leadership skills can be enhanced if the managerial workforce is seated in the western section of the office. The best direction to sit in office for directorial teams is north east inviting positivity and opportunity options.
  • The office door should face east or north direction. You must not place anything that covers or obstructs the entrance.
  • The accounts section must be spaced in the South or South Eastern section of the office as it is the habitat of fire (Agni).

Here are some proven, most accurate and extremely effective Secret Vastu tips to implement into your basic seating arrangements .

Important points to be considered while following Vastu for corporate office or private offices

  • Shape of the plot, Building and offices.
  • Main Entrance of the site.
  • Door View.
  • Location of the Master Cabin, CEO and a key staff.
  • Place of Financial department.
  • Staff placement & orientations.
  • Location & arrangements of conference room.
  • Direction of the Owner/Staff.
  • Direction of the Marketing activities/Display.
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