Vastu Compass And Directions (How To Find The Facing of Your House)

In Vastu Shastra, one of the most frequently asked question is how to use the compass to find the facing of the house? It is an important question because the ancient building science of vastu shastra is entirely direction-based and directions in vastu shastra are held as the energy centers.

Therefore, if your compass reading is inaccurate then you cannot make your house vastu compliant as a difference of even 3-4 degrees will make the entire calculation of 16 vastu zones completely wrong. It will also make it difficult for you to uncover the root cause of the problems.

Hence, in order to apply all the vastu principles properly you need to find out the accurate directions of your house. It can be a very confusing and difficult task in the beginning to determine the directions.

But, if you follow the vastu guidelines carefully you will find out that it is not a rocket science. So without any delay, let’s dive right in and learn the easy and simple method of Secret Vastu to determine the directions of your property.

Vastu For Main Entrance| Main Gate Vastu Tips|

Entrance gate of the house is the most important element not to be ignored in house vastu. Main entrance to a house is not only the entry point for the people, but also for the cosmic energy. Hence, the correct positioning of the main gate according to the vastu principles creates harmony between the house and the universe.

  • Firstly, mark the center point of your house on the map.
  • Determine the exact north point of your house using compass.
  • Draw a line from the center to the North point of the house.
  • After drawing a line from center to the north, now draw another line at 11.25° clockwise from the Northern point. It will be called N5. Now, at the regular interval of 11.25°, draw rest of the lines clockwise and mark them as N6, N7, N8, E1, E2 and so on.


This is how you can mark all the 32 entrances on your map and thereafter you will be able to choose the best possible entrance for your house.

Few Other Important Vastu Tips For Main Entrance 
  • Entrance gate should be heavier and bigger than other doors of the house.
  • Obstructions in front of the entrance gate is a strict no.
  • Vastu prohibits any water tank or septic tank under the main entrance.
  • Do not keep the main entrance gate higher than the compound wall.
  • Keep the entrance clean and clutter free.
  • Irregular shaped gate should be avoided.
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