Chakra Analysis

understand chakra – The Aura Body Or The Energy Body

The 7 chakras are the seven subtle energy centers in the human body. Imbalances and blockages in the chakras lead to venous kinds of physical diseases, mental ailments, relationship issues and financial progress stagnation too has its roots in the imbalances.

Whenever you are Meling less than optimal, less energetic, unhealthy, experience a negative pattern in relationships, or obstacles in your personal, professional and financial growth, take it as a sign to check ‘,your own positive energy and universal energy has been blocked that is creating imbalance chakra Analysis or Aura chakra Analysis will give you the report of where you stand.

Exact Benefits Of Chakra Balancing Therapy

There are many ways to approach the healing and balancing the affected Chakra As each am. revolves and resonates a particular frequency of vibration, therefore, Chakras can be balanced using color therapy, light therapy, sound therapy, aroma therapy, crystals, sacred geometry etc All these therapies require consistent efforts on an everyday basis and healing is not quickest The easiest and quickest therapy to balance the Chakras is Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy This therapy is not just easiest and quickest but also best when it comes to complete Healing, Empowerment and Success.


Gems For Vastu

Everyone has an attraction towards the crystals. They uplift the space and energy. Every gems and crystal has a sacred meaning. Some gems or crystals have high vibrations and rather helpful in communicating with the cosmic world. Experts strongly recommend gems for Vastu before the construction work begins. Gem posses earth energy that grounds us as individuals and also entire family to stay together & love each other.

Objects made from earth soothe, nourish, heal and, also binds.  Since gemstones and crystals are the “seeds of the earth”, they also add sweetness to the Vastu premises. Anything that comes from the mother earth has a healing property. Gemstones enveloped with highly concentrated energy. With their powerful energies and profound resonance with the human body, they are almost perfect energy space healing tools. Maybe, you get more strength when you work in crystal energized space.

Illness, as well as disease, are not only caused by our physical bodies but also due to the unbalanced energy field. Gemstones or crystals are key in activating true beneficial energy in and around your space.  Furthermore  it builds unity with the earth.

Pyramid Energy Analysis

An energy pyramid, also known as a trophic or ecological pyramid, is a graphical representation of the energy found within the trophic levels of an ecosystem. The bottom and largest level of the pyramid is the producers and contains the largest amount of energy. As you move up the pyramid, through the trophic levels to primary, secondary and tertiary consumers, the amount of energy decreases and the levels become smaller. While energy can not be created or destroyed is it released as heat within each level. Approximately only 10% of energy is passed from one level to the next.

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Metal Finding

Vastu Shastra is a science of directions and energies combining the five elements known as “Paanchbhootas” namely Air, Earth, Fire, Space and water of nature and balancing them for the benefit of mankind.

All of us desire to have good health, wealth, harmony, peace and prosperity at home. To ensure these, you have to ensure the zones are free of anti-elements and activities

Black Magic

Black magic also known as witchcraft is usage of supernatural power for evil and selfish purposes and to perform malicious practices to destroy someone physically or mentally or financially. It can be done using the victim’s hair, clothes, photo or looking directly into eyes. Practicing black magic is not something new, it has been practiced since generations and hence we need to be very careful in this time of Kalyug where you are surrounded by very few well-wishers.

Individuals with weak horoscopes or having malefic positions of planets in horoscopes are easy targets of black magic as they have weak aura around themselves.

We don’t tend to find being the victim of this early but there are some basic symptoms like disturbance in sleeping, bad dreams like falling from heights, darkening of complexion, headaches, eccentric behaviour, etc.

Black magic makes humans victims of baseless fears, reverses fortune and confusion

Property Energy

Property Energy

Fresh air and sunlight aids positive energy at home. So, ensure that you keep the home’s windows open, for some time in the morning.

According to Vastu principles, there should not be any dark corners at home. If any space does not have sufficient natural sunlight, ensure it has adequate artificial light. Switching on light at the appropriate time of day, can make the room appear brighter and more positive.

Aquariums are akin to moving water and it is auspicious, when placed towards the north-east.

Avoid having a tree, pole or pillar facing the main door. It is called a dwar vedh (door obstacle). Similarly, avoid having dead plants near the door.

Keep the bathroom door closed. Always keep toilet lid down, when not in use. Ensure that there are no leaking taps at home. Use pleasant fresheners in the bathroom.

Do not keep medicines in the kitchen.

Switch off all electronic and Wi-Fi systems, while taking rest.

Play soothing divine music or chanting of mantras at home, for some time in the morning.

Ensure that the furniture edges are not sharp. Avoid excessive use of red, black and grey in the home’s décor.

Avoid having split levels in the floor.

Pictures at home should always be positive. Avoid photos depicting war, loneliness, poverty, etc. To generate positive energy, display pictures of nature

Name Numerology

Numerology name can boost positive vibrations in your home – Discover the power of numerology numbers to benefit your home living.

Numbers play an essential role in our lives and our lifestyle. Once you begin to notice, you soon realize that numbers attach to us in more than one way. There is your birth date, your birthday year; and also, your house number. Most of the figures come and go from our life, like a birthday year. But some numbers attach to you for a more extended, a more permanent stay. These numbers tend to influence us and the energies that surround us. Now, there is good news here – we have a science to moderate these energies as per our needs – it’s called numerology

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Human Organ Aura

It Detects the Power of Particular Aura of the Human Organ) e.g – Blood, Thyro, Kidney, Liver, Bladder, Intestine, Lungs, Collon, Gall BL, Pancreas, Stomach, Brain, Muscle, Bone.

Aura an electromagnetic field which envelo. every living organism. Ths human energy field is a collage. on of various magnetic energies of varies densities th. seeps through a. exudes.m every human body This aura is not visible to everybody expect those who are spiritually enhanced and even .meras are avail.. to see aura.

Significance of aura

  • The colour emil by the human body maintains a concernment of own • It is seven levels or auro bodies th. surround human body and each level or body has A frequency • These aunc layers levels are interconnected that affects a personS sense. including behavior emotions and feelings and Milking etc • Thls aura Is ovalehaped and mdends upto head to feet

A science of healing

Aura is an alternative science of healing and has become widely popular on the globe to treat severe diseases including cancer.

Lo Shu numerology

This Lo Shu numerology grid calculator can show the reading of numbers and impact of missing numbers. You can get Lo Shu Grid numerology PDF also. You Can get detailed predictions of Lo Shu grid numerology by date of birth only. You can better grasp your potential by learning about the eight planes of the Lo Shu Grid and what they represent.

The five elements and mainly the eight directions in Lo Shu numerology have special significance. This magic square has digits from 1 to 9, which have a fixed element, direction and planet. They have authority over certain colors and body parts.


Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative medicine. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Pain Healing


Once we’ve reconnected with our bodies, we need to befriend our mind, which can easily be overwhelmed by fears, worries, doubts, self-criticism, and obsessive thoughts. We can do that through meditation.

Mindfulness meditation specifically helps us cultivate a sense of awareness and teaches us to look inward, observe our experience, and learn to let go. It brings to our attention the impermanence of life—as our thoughts and sensations change constantly, so does our experience. This means we can let go of our grip and take life as is, moment by moment


Chakra Healing

The chakra system refers to the energy centers we have in our bodies. There are seven major chakras, each in a specific location along your spine. Let’s look at each one more closely. There can be a depletion of energy flow or too much energetic activity in a chakra — each will manifest into different outcomes,” she explained.

When a chakra is low in energy, she said, you’ll have difficulty expressing the particular qualities associated with that chakra.

When a chakra is overactive, Malaspina said, the qualities are a dominant force in the person’s life. This can have both physical and emotional effects.

Vastu means building and Shastra mean science. It explains the basics of creating spaces with respect to its surrounding. Quoting Andre Putman, “For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” The rules of Vastu Shastra were first mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures like Rig Veda and Mahabharata. These rules were established considering the cosmic influence of the sun, wind direction, magnetic field of the Earth, and the impact of Cosmos on the ‘Earth.’

Traditional Vastu

These fundamental rules of Vastu Shastra are based on two important aspects:

  1. The five natural elements (panchmahabhuta) – Sky, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.
  2. The eight cardinal directions – North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East, South West.

In ancient times, the Vedas or the knowledge was limited to a particular caste of people, which is why it was difficult for a common person to understand the principles of the science and the bitter truth is that the original Vastu script is lost and all modern texts are only compilation making Vastu a victim of unscrupulous interpretation. However, in contemporary India, this ancient practice is being termed as “myth” or “occult” by the majority. Still, this practice proves to be extremely popular with contemporary clients, who insist on their house being built and designed as per Vastu Shastra. This deals with Vastu Shastra’s fundamental rules of architecture which are based on now proven scientific facts and addresses them to today’s architectural and interior design

practices. Building science has its presence all over the world in different forms and they all have their own principles -from Vitruvius theory to Feng Shui to Vastu Shastra all these sciences are from different parts of the world but they all have the same message. The main purpose of building science is to lay down some guidelines for the architects to design buildings in harmony with nature and take advantage of the prevailing natural gifts of sunlight, wind, cosmic energy and to make a habitat which is beneficial to the inhabitants and make their life happy and prosperous.



Advance Vastu

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of designing and construction. It aims at establishing a dynamic balance between Form and Energy so that harmonious conditions

are created for the inhabitants. Vastu buildings have harmonious energies. They promote stability, prosperity, happiness, and mental peace for the occupants and owners.

Vaastu believes that by keeping the entry to your house in positive directions and positioning a constant cosmic field, a positive energy is created which in turn leads to positive thinking, good health and prosperity

Elements Analysis

Element Analysis helps people to Know that which Element is Ruling there Body and Stars Like our Body is made of major 4 Elements Earth, Water, fire, Air.

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