What Is Role Of Directions In A Vaastu Shashtra?

We all know that we have 24 hours in a day due to rotation of earth on its axis and the position of sunlight changes constantly during 24 hours due to this rotation. Depending upon the position of Sun in relation to earth during a 24-hour period, our ancient Sages structured various rooms of a home in such a way so that during anytime in a day, depending upon the location of work, humans get the best rays of sun on them.


The importance of orientation of a building is not only for saving energy but also to have a better house design, which not only gives comfortable living but also gives good health, prosperity and wealth to the house owners/occupiers and these families. It increases not only its life span but also improves the condition of occupants. There are instances where buildings are not planned according to required local orientation were lost or deteriorated much faster than the buildings having built with proper studies of orientation.


The proper orientation means the proper knowledge of all the eight directions. It is a common knowledge that the direction from where the Sun arises is known as East and where it sets as West and when one faces the East direction, towards one’s left is North and towards one’s right is South. The corner where two directions meet obviously is more significant since it combines the forces emanating from both the directions. So, in all there are eight directions, East, Northeast, North, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest. Every direction has its own significance and has its own construction. The basic rules of Vastu Shastra are based on these eight directions.

The earth in itself is a big magnet, which has its magnetism prominent on north pole and south pole. These poles are resolving with the earth, i.e. while even the earth is rotating around itself and revolving around the sun, due to the stability of the poles the directions remain constant.

Directions analysis:


Directions should not be calculated with the rise and set of the sun, because sun is more towards south from 21sst June to 21st December. The sun is more towards the north from 22nd December to 20th June.

Direction analysis basically done by using Magnetic compass or now a days there are many Mobile compass applications.

The south pole of the magnetic needle is attracted by the north pole of the earth. This way the magnetic needle always points towards North and becomes stable. This way we can finalize the directions.

We have to follow following steps for finalizing direction:

  1. Stand at the center of the plot and can finalize the directions of the
  2. Stand in center of the constructed area to finalize the direction of the
  3. Stand in center of particular room to finalize the


Let’s understand the importance of direction: –

1.           East (Purva):


  • This direction is governed by lord Indra and he is known to be the king of He bestows wealth and pleasures of life.
  • East is the first direction in Vastu shastra, since sun the source of our energy rises from the
  • Planet sun rules this
  • It is the direction of prosperity and It is a common practice to sit and pray in the east to the sun as it brings happiness and prosperity to our lives.
  • Knowledge and wisdom enter through this direction in our
  • The sunrays from the east direction mainly consist of ultraviolet and infrared rays which when enter in our house through specific angle, help in destroying the harmful bacteria for human
  • Facing east direction means success in each and every work you
  • mental peace and health enter through this direction in our
  • It is also a scientific fact that the magnetic field from the east direction in our house is stabilized and balanced. This creates harmony in the secretion of our glands, which in turn creates a fluent and consistent blood flow at the level of our


  • This creates perfect healthy conditions in our body, mind and soul. That is why east is the most important
  • This direction should be left as open as possible to bring in abundant Mirrors put up in this direction double up prosperity.


2.       North-East (Ishanya):

  • This place is a supervised by lord eeshaan, and is a source of wealth, health and
  • North east is the direction of purity and
  • The sun’s powerful ultra violet rays fall on this
  • Doing pooja in north east direction is considered Best direction to place a mandir.
  • North east direction should be left as empty and free as
  • North east corner missing in any plot home or office leads to innumerable calamities and enigmas in
  • The owner of north east is itself the supreme deity of Hindus lord
  • The planet for north east direction is Brihaspati Jupiter this direction gives over all prosperity in
  • A tranquillity zone e. Northeast corner is highly charged with divine energy. This is the direction from which the cosmic, divine, godly, spiritual, intellectual, intuitive and also knowledgeable energies enter to the home or business premises.
  • It must be kept more open, light weight, clear and spacious around the home, inside the home and even in every
  • missing northeast corner is a Vastu Also polluted northeast due to a location of toilet also falls under the “serious Vastu defect” category.
  • The magnetic field from this direction e. North-east is balanced and stabilized.
  • As far as possible a separate room for Mandir or parking area, porch, waiting room and living room can be constructed in this
  • No high trees should be planted in the plot in the east, north, and north- east


3.   North (Uttar):

  • This direction is governed by Kuber, the god of wealth.
  • Lord Kuber is the lord of the north He is considered the treasurer of the gods.
  • This is the direction of wealth and
  • Planet mercury rules this
  • There should be big openings in the north direction
  • There is a loss wealth & prosperity if there is heavy construction in the north


  • North means lord Kuber abode this it is advised to keep a cash box or safe for cash / treasury or valuable items in the north direction of the home or This portion of home is best suitable for cash room or strong room.
  • While keeping money/precious jewellery inside the house, one should always face towards the north
  • In spite of the north light as well as the magnetic field from this direction is balanced and
  • Living room, waiting area, underground water tank, main door, and window can be placed in this


4. South-East (Agneya):

  • This direction is governed by lord of fire- He gives us good personality and all good things of life. Fire is a source of health as it is related to fire, cooking and food.
  • People doing homa and havens at homes are blessed by agni and enjoy wealth and prosperity and
  • Planet Venus rules the south east
  • Missing southeast corner leads to disputes in family
  • Kitchen is highly recommended in the south east direction
  • The positive and negative ions emitting from the ground from this direction consists more of fire elements in it, which in turn helps the secretion of adrenaline glands which are useful for proper digestion of
  • The sunrays entering in this area having a specific angle with ultra-violet and infrared rays destroy the harmful bacteria in this area. Thus, placement of kitchen in this room helps in maintaining health and
  • In commercial places, manager’s cabin, principals’ cabin, bank manager’s cabin, accountant’s room, boiler, transformer and meter room can be provided in this



5. South (Dakshina):


  • LORD YAMA is the lord of South He is the lord of Death.
  • South direction is considered very Inauspicious for any
  • South direction should always be kept heavy and
  • Planet MARS rules South
  • It is beneficial if the South direction is on a higher level & it is auspicious to have overhead water tank in this
  • It is very bad to have a basement in the South
  • It has been Noted that Persons living in the South Facing Door House face Problems after certain Years of Staying in that
  • Scientifically heavy magnetic aggravation enters through this direction in our As magnetism on earth is prominent in south north direction.
  • Human body consists of blood flow flowing to and from the tip of the feet to the tip of the head. Blood consists of iron percentage which flow with the blood hence magnetic and electric currents which can be combined called as electro- magnetic
  • Science thus has proved that the head of the person is the North Pole and the feet are the South Pole. One should always sleep with his head towards the south direction and feet towards the north direction because the head of a person which is supposed to be the North pole and the actual South pole of the earth are in conjunction/harmony with each other (unlike poles attract each other) This creates a fluent blood flow to the deepest and root level of the cells, which in turn creates perfect healthy conditions as well as satisfactory sleep in human
  • If a person sleeps his head towards North, the like poles of the head and ground creates repulsion and disharmony. This results in inconsistent blood flow which may result in low B.P., high B.P., angina (heart pain) and a sense of unsatisfactory sleep which ultimately will lead to unhealthy
  • That is why according to Indian mythology, when a person dies, the head is kept in North direction and his feet are kept to the South direction, because all his energies are out of his body. This proves that Indian mythology has taken into conditions the basic rules of science in designing the scripts of Vastu

6. South-West (Nairitya):


  • Nairutti (lord of the demons) is the lord of south west


  • Therefore south west direction is the most inauspicious and evil
  • South west direction space should be filled with heavy stuff to pull down the negativity of this
  • Missing southwest corner leads to mental and physical disabilities in family
  • Planet rahu rules the south west
  • The name itself suggests the demon in
  • The north east direction is the direction of god whereas the direction south west is that of
  • It is the ideal location for a master bedroom and the wardrobes should be kept on the west wall to reduce the
  • Now as the setting sun has the quality of preserving the bacteria, to avoid the setting sunrays to enter the plot area or the bungalow, this area should be planted with high
  • south west direction is positive area of


7. West (Paschim):


  • Varun the lord of water is the lord of this


  • Generally, this direction is not considered very
  • Planet Saturn rules this
  • The west direction is occupied by the lower abdomen, genitals & reproduction organs of the Vastu
  • The openings & entries from this direction are not It spoils the prospects of income.
  • Big opening from this direction is not
  • It is beneficial to have overhead water tank & the staircase in the west direction
  • It is beneficial to have garage in the west
  • Sun is in the west and this is the best location for a children’s bedroom or study


  • He bestows his blessings in the form of natural water-rain, brings prosperity and pleasures of
  • In most cases it has been noted that the west direction is more beneficial to
  • it is the direction of While going through spiritual books one should always face west.
  • In a house the west area means waste area. So, w/c bath can be placed in this

8. North-West (Wayewya):


  • Vayu the god of the wind controls north west
  • Lord hanuman is also symbolic of this direction – north west,
  • Air and wind are necessary for life; so tall structures are banned here in the north
  • North west corner missing in any plot home or office leads to unnecessary enmity &
  • Planet moon rules this direction north west
  • The north west direction plays a very important role in relationships, friendliness & co-operation in a person’s
  • North west is the direction of movement, thus as per vastu girls who are not getting married after reaching a marriageable age , generally get married soon if they sleep in the north west room or side of the
  • Wind flows prominently from this direction have qualities of preservation. Hence food grains room can be kept is this
  • The negative part of this direction is instability and uncertainty, as wind which flows from this direction has both these
  • apart from this, in commercial places conference room, staff room [for people working on-field in marketing department], goods storage in a retail shop or finished goods go-down in a factory, icu, operation theater(op), pharmacist shop, general ward in hospital can be kept in this
  • if the northwest area is increased or decreased in a plot as well as the main gate or main entrance is from this area, there are chances of




The point where the diagonals of a plot intersect is called the ‘Brahmasthan’. If the point of this intersection is pulled up it forms a pyramid. In a plot energy flows from all four sides and four corners. At the Brahmasthan this energy accumulates at a certain point and goes in opposite directions. Hence the Brahmasthan should be left open. If there is any kind of construction or a heavy or huge item at Brahmasthan, then the energy field in the plot gets disturbed this results in Vastu defect.


Shapes of plot:


The most geometrically stable shape of a plot is square or rectangular shape in which magnetic flux, diagonals and energy of the plot flows from the North to South and East to West. Also, this energy flows more prominently through diagonals. The center point of the plot (epic center) has maximum amount of magnetism concentrated in it. If this point is lifted with all four sides coming up and the base as it is, then the pyramid shape is constructed, it is the scientific fact i.e. if the height of the pyramid is

  • maximum electromagnetic energies are concentrated at L/3.

This resembles the pyramid of Egypt as well as the old Indian temples where I at this point the Mummies are preserved in case of pyramids. In case of Indian temples, idols to be worshiped are exactly placed in this area.




  • Shapes of the plot should be either square or
  • The plot should not be parallelogram, pentagon, rectangle, and
  • The lowest point of the plot should be in the North-east and the highest point to the south-west area i.e. the slope of the plot should be from north-east to

DIAGRAM (1) – Plot increased in North-east direction.

In case, the shape is geometrically unstable, aggravation of balanced energy (coming from good direction) occurs in the North east area. This plot is good for any construction; there is no need to rectify this plot. This plot can also be called ‘Gomukhi’.

DIAGRAM (2) Plot is increased in South-east direction.

In this diagram the south-east corner of the Vastu, (of the plot is increased i.e. the south east corner gets aggravated and this leads to tensions, stress, instability, anger, indigestion, loss or rise of energy. Abrupt rise and fall of energy levels. Slow progress, fights (unnecessarily). To rectify this kind of plot, this plot can be made square or rectangular either by increasing the plot or demarcating the plot.

While demarcating care should be taken that the south wall should be heavy and heighted to avoid aggravated magnetic field as well as harmful rays setting in the plot. Care should be taken that there should be no door on south wall to be constructed. The triangular portion of this plot may be used by making storage, garage, and meter room, plantation of trees or by making garden. Triangular plot also can be utilized for commercial areas.

DIAGRAM (3) The North-west corner of the plot is increased.

In this plot the North-west area is increased. Even though North which is increased, west is also increased. This plot gives mixed results, where in the person is financially stable but mentally is not due to increase of west, which resembles the air element (instability). As the west direction is related to spirituality the person residing here is more spiritual. His spirituality is increased due to his obstacles he has to face in his life which is the result of aggravation in North-west area. There are also chances


of theft, second alternative of money, creation of enemies, and loss of money. This plot can be rectified.

DIAGRAM (4) South-east South-west directions are increased.

In this case the south-east direction as well as south-west directions is increased. This plot gives the combined negative effects of the aggravations of south- east and south-west directions. This leads to loss of money, life of obstacles, money coming from second alternative. Stress, tensions, fights, enemies and slow deterioration of life and health. Apart from all these things the person residing here is spiritual.

The east and west side of this plot can be demarked as shown in the diagram and the entries in the plot can only be made from the North direction. The south west triangle can be utilized for lawn, meter room, generator room, garage and parking. The south west triangle of the plot can be utilized for heavy and heighted plantations, storage house of unwanted material as well as parking. In no case should there be entrance from the east and west directions.


DIAGRAM (5) North-east & North-west directions increased of the plot.

In this case, there is no need for rectification in the North east / East side as East and North when increased does not create any harmful effect in the plot. But at


the same time the west side should be demarcated because the increase in the North West corner may lead to theft, mental instability (as this direction resembles the air element), and money coming from second alternative. The person residing here is more spiritual. The entries here can be taken from east and north directions. The North-west corner can be utilized for parking, lawn storage of unwanted material and heavy plantation.

DIAGRAM (6) North-east and South-east corner of the plot is increased.

In this diagram the south direction is also increased and the southeast corner may lead to negativities described earlier. Here it is of utmost importance to demarcate from the south area i.e. to construct a south wall with a minimum height of 6 feet. This will create a barrier for the magnetic aggravations coming from the south direction into the plot. There should be no door from the south wall. The triangular portion can be utilized for heavy plantation, lawn, transformer, parking, meter room, playground, and garage.


DIAGRAMS (7) North-west & South-west corner of the plot are increased.

The North-west and south-west corners are increased i.e. south and the west directions which have the most negative effects in a plot are increased. This may lead to sickness, stress, tensions, worries of theft, extra spirituality, accidents, burden of loans, immature deaths, etc.

Rectification from the North and South direction is compulsory and the plot can be made rectangle and square as shown in the diagram. The triangular portion


can be utilized for unwanted storage, parking, garage, playground, planting of heavy and heighted trees etc. The entries can be made from east and west directions. Here the entries from North and South directions are not possible.

DIAGRAM (8) Vidisha Plot

Here the main directions are coming at the corners of the plot and the sub- directions come on the side of the plot. As we know that electromagnetic energies from the plot come from the main directions i.e. East, West, North and South and also from the diagonals of a plot. This creates a balance of energies in a plot. But in case of Vidisha plot, the energies from the main directions as well as the electromagnetic energies from the diagonals both combinedly come from the corners of the plot. Hence there is an aggravation from the corners and depletion of electromagnetic energies from the sides of the plot. A person residing in this plot always faces the sub- directions. This leads to more aggravations, more energy, more action and hence good success in initial part of his life (5 to 10 years) after that due to the depletion levels in this plot, the same person also becomes non-active.   He may face heavy burdens of loans. There are also chances of Pitru dosh and Kalsarparog according to Indian astrology.

All the energies in this plot are totally imbalance which leads to total failure in the life of the person. This plot can be rectified by creating walls in the main directions and making the plot parallel to main directions which may also lead to wastage of the land in corners. In some cases of small areas this rectification becomes impossible. This plot can also be rectified with the use of crystals. But even if the crystals are used they give only some amount of relaxation to the people residing over here. Many times it happens that the person living in this area gets stuck in this plot and is harassed by the problems in his life to such an extent that he can’t leave this plot. Plantation of crystals in this plot may help this person to come out from his miseries and buy a new plot according to Vastu Shastra.

After he buys a plot/flat he may sell this plot to any commercial place, to government organizations etc. But in no case should he reside in this plot.


Energies flow through roads. Thus, approach roads for any plot is of importance.




This plot has adjoining roads from all the four sides of rectangular or square plot. The access to the particular plot can be done easily from all four sides. Hence entry and exit to this plot becomes easy. An approach road from all four sides of the plot is called “Brahmastavan”. Apart from this, gas line, water pipes lines, drainage, electricity cable can be laid easily in a grid form along these plots. As the plot is easily seen from all the adjoining roads, this plot can be remembered easily and can become famous commercial and residential area. Also, the energy flow is possible from all four sides of this plot. Hence this plot is good for residential scheme or commercial areas


All the three sides i.e. east, west and North have roads adjoining this plot this signifies good health (east), good wealth (North) and spirituality (west). There is no road adjoining south but this does not matter much


Denotes roads from the North, West and South direction. This signifies moderate health, good wealth & spirituality. Care should be taken that there should be no entry from south direction in this plot.


In this plot there is only one adjoining road from east direction. This signifies moderate wealth, but good health.


As far as possible, individual should avoid having road from south direction. If the approach road is on the south side of the plot the person faces bad health, drain


of energy and more expenses. But if it is not possible, this type of plot can be used for commercial progress which includes specifically petrol pump, garment shop, ladies Shoppe, hotel, jewelry shops, electrical shop, gas agency, printing press, hardware, photography, business related to civil shops like bricks, sand, etc. for construction process.


When a road is ending directly in a specific plot this plot is not good for residential purpose because all the energies coming from road have no other way out, because there is no adjoining road and these energies get aggravated which creates tensions, stress, incidents of fights in this plot. This plot can be rectified by creating two adjoining roads as shown in diagram which will act as a buffer for the energies coming inside the plot. This plot can also be rectified with the help of crystals as shown in fig. absorb the aggravation and balance the geopathic stress coming from the adjoining road in a particular plot.


Roads having a dead end adjoining the plot. In this case, this plot gets isolated from all the other plots. There isn’t a flowing traffic along this road. The energies in this plot gets aggravated and there are chances of theft because only those persons go along the road which stay in the plot. Because of isolation there are chances of theft and robbery in this plot.


Road flowing from the west side of the plot. This plot is ok for residential as well as commercial projects. In this type of plot specific shops such as food grains shop, eating shops, medical shops can be made from North-west. In this food grains, can be preserved well as well as selling of items from this direction. North-west entries promote the sale of item from a shop very fast.


Road adjoining from the North side of plot. This plot is very much suitable for commercial as well as residential purpose because the defused North light enters in this plot. North is also considered as auspicious direction in Indian mythology because it is believed that the Lord Kubera (Lord of wealth) resides in Alankarpuri to the North direction


When there are roads adjoining North and west direction, this plot is completely balanced because entries can be made from both the balanced directions. In this plot balanced and stabilized field enters from the North direction

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